Case Studies


Some of the most respected and largest telecommunication companies, electronics manufacturers, retailers and distributors, and third-party logistics service providers rely on PSSI’s to reduce their electronics returns management and processing costs.

Select a case study below to see how our electronics repair service has saved companies millions of dollars.


Client: AT&T Mobility

Service: Cell Phone Refurbishment

AT&T reduced working capital by $16.8 million and gained $1.1 million in warranty reimbursements with PSSI.

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Client: FirstGroup

Service: Data logger and event recorder repair

PSSI’s reliable repair solution helped FirstGroup save more than $1 million in the first year alone.

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Client: GameStop

Service: Game System Repair

PSSI helped GameStop meet critical demands and reduce repair costs by 40%.

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Client: ROUND2

Service: Disk Drive Repair

PSSI developed an environmentally sound process to sanitize, test, repair and recertify ROUND2’s disc drives.

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Client: Stanley

Service: Circuit Board Repair

PSSI’s repair team helped Stanley save more than $4.2 million in five years.

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