Product Audit, Test, Triage and Return-to-Vendor Management

Optimize recovery, reduce costs

PSSI offers cost-effective solutions for product test and audit services that can often be performed for less than $10 per item (cost determined by product profile, volumes and test requirements).

Incorporating a return-to-vendor (RTV) component is a minor step for PSSI but a major cost savings to our clients, as PSSI's RTV programs are designed to maximize client recoveries by adhering to the OEM's test and returns requirements.

Audit and Test
All no-trouble-found (NTF) products are immediately replaced into your product pool to minimize NTF/OEM charge backs, restocking fees and credit rejections. PSSI will then pick, pack and ship RTV products to the OEM, tracking it through delivery and providing documentation to support all claims for restitution.

For clients wishing to stage inventory for additional repair action, PSSI will evaluate product condition and triage the product based on optimized recovery designations of Class A, B, C, "As-Is" or Scrap.

  • "A" stock is remanufactured, unused or "like new" in original OEM packaging and sold with the manufacturer's warranty."A" stock brings substantial returns of up to 90% of the new product price.

  • "B" stock is White Box product, used but refurbished and fully functional, it is certified to meet the OEM's specifications. It is sold with Factory Recertified designation and typically a reduced warranty of 90 days.
  • "C" stock is Brown Box product, "tested good" and either cosmetically blemished or missing accessories.

  • "As-Is" is as described, for either test or economic reasons additional repair or remanufacturing efforts were deemed unwarranted. Commonly, this product is used as a source for service parts through parts havesting and used to offset repair costs or sold into the service channel for supply.

  • "Scrap" is material designated for salvage. Parts harvesting is generally performed when certain electronic or cosmetic parts might be useful in reducing the costs on other repairs.